Launched in 2014

Success Story

Students of St. Kabir (Drive-in Old) created a Facebook group called ‘Awakening, Bala Janaagraha, 8th C, St.Kabir-DIO.

As part of the civic project, they selected the road stretch from SAL Hospital to Udgam School. Undertaking an intensive survey of the road, they interviewed the various stakeholders using the road. They carried out research on Solid Waste Management practices followed by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

Finally, they wrote to the ‘Ahmedabad Mirror’ publication by e-mail. To create more awareness, they created the Facebook group.


‘Untill now, we have learned many things under Bala Janaagraha. Like, how to plan a city, how we can write a letter to the Commissioner and the fact that each and every Department in the Government is dependent on the others. Earlier, students of my class were not at all interested in Government issues, but now 75% of the class likes to talk about and participate in these issues. This programme tells us that if we want to see a change in our country we should first change ourselves.’

– Ms. Anuja, the Bala Janaagraha Mitra from Shanti Asiatic School


Participating Schools

  1. Bluebell School
  2. St. Kabir, DIO
  3. St. Kabir, Naranpura
  4. St. Kabir, Navrangpura
  5. Zydus School for Excellence
  6. Anand Niketan Campus
  7. Dividhyapath Campus
  8. Don Bosco English School
  9. D.P. High School
  10. SGVP International School


For any further details send a mail to kasi.sunitha@janaagraha.org, Manager – Other Cities