Launched in 2014


‘The ‘I Change My City’ book is really interesting. It is like all knowledge of the city has been placed in one book, with pictures, definitions and activities.’

– Shreya Bhosle, Sunrise English Medium School

‘I loved the project of Delhi Public School, Pune. We would also like to try our best.’

– Harshitha H Punamiya, S.D.H.H.School, Pune.



Participating Schools

  1. Ahmed Peer Mohammed School
  2. Anglo Urdu Boys High School
  3. Delhi Public School
  4. Dr. Erin N Nagarvala Day School
  5. Dr. Erin N Nagarvala Residential School
  6. Indian National Acadamy, Tyagi School
  7. Kalmadi Shamarao School
  8. Kilbil High School
  9. Moledina High School
  10. New Dawn School
  11. New Grace School
  12. Pune International School
  13. Sardar Dastur Hormazdiar High School
  14. Sardar Dastur Hoshang Boys High School
  15. St.Andrews High School For Girls (Marathi)
  16. The Orbis School
  17. Peer Mohammed School
  18. HB Girme High School
  19. Chandrakanta Dangat Patil Medium School
  20. Pawar Public School
  21. P. Jog Marathi medium School
  22. Royal Roses Ems
  23. Narayanrao Sanas Vidyalaya
    Sarhad School
  24. S.S. Agarwal English Medium School
  25. S. S. S. Sharada Vidyalaya
  26. Prakash English Medium School
  27. Mickey’s High School & Junior College
    Jawaharlal English School
  28. Aranyeshwar English Medium School
  29. C.E.S Chaitanya English Medium Secondary School
  30. S.M. Joshi Hindi Madhyamik Vidyalaya
  31. C.E.S Utkarsh English Medium High School

For any further details send a mail to kasi.sunitha@janaagraha.org, Manager – Other Cities