Launched in 2014

Success Story

During the course of the civic project, students of DPS Ludhiana chose a road near their neighbourhood and carried out an initial survey. They identified and analysed the problems of Rajpura Road/Hambran Road.
The team chalked out a plan of action, met appropriate authorities – both legislative and executive – and conducted a sit-in awareness drive at the site.


Participating Schools

  1. BCM School
  2. Delhi Public School
  3. GGN School
  4. Guru Nanak Birmi School
  5. Guru Nanak School
  6. Shamrock School
  7. Arya Senior Secondary School
  8. Nankana Sahib School
  9. Sacred Heart Convent School
  10. DPSC
  11. Nankana Sahib School

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