Bala Janaagraha Alumni 2016-17

We are back!! Announcing the launch of Alumni Award 2016-17

We are sure the spirit of Active Citizenship is ingrained within each one of you!

We would like to hear from you about the initiatives you have taken to improve the Quality of Life in your community-

The issues that you have addressed could be –

  • An environmental issue.
  • A social issue
  • A civic Issue
  • Any issue you believe is helping the community

The contribution to be accompanied by supporting documents.

You can send your work through photos/videos/poster/essay.

Last date – 25th Dec 2016

Language – Any

Result – The best entry will be suitably rewarded.

For any clarification write to us –

Sub: Alumni – city name – year

Bala Janaagraha Alumni 2015-16

We are keen to ensure that children who have passed through Bala Janaagraha continue to engage with civic issues in their city even after the duration of the programme. We see them as energetic evangelists of the philosophy of the programme, and are therefore keen to engage with them continuously.

With this in mind, we launched the Bala Janaagraha Active Young Voices Competition in 2015. In this competition, which is open to all Bala Janaagraha alumni, each participant has to send in an essay about the civic initiatives he/she undertook in the past year and his/her key learnings from them.

In the inaugural edition of this competition, we received 130 entries. After a thorough evaluation by our committee, the winners were identified and awarded at the National Civic Fest. This year, the essays written by the under-mentioned children were chosen as the best of the lot:

  • 1st Prize: Tulika Bannerjee from DPS Pune – Part of the Bala Janaagraha batch of 2012-13.
  • 2nd Prize: Sanyukta Mohod from St Xavier’ s High School, Nagpur – Part of the Bala Janaagraha batch of 2014-15 and Ambar Modi from DPS Pune – Part of the Bala Janaagraha batch of 2012-13.
  • 3rd Prize: Prantik Saha from DPS Pune – Part of the Bala Janaagraha batch of 2013-14.

Derive hope and inspiration from our young change makers

Testimonial by Mrs. Rupinder Chahil, DPS Ludhiana